Thursday, November 02, 2006

Why are we stuck in this politically correct hole? Do people really believe that the sons and daughters of our privileged citizens are seriously considering the military for a career choice? Especially at this time?

Because they aren't.

You don't need a college degree to serve in Iraq or Afghanistan. I know, because my son has already spent a year there. He joined the National Guard to help pay for college. Most of the kids dying or getting maimed over there are in the same boat.

This politically correct bullshit, trying to suggest that they are all highly educated people serving out of sheer patriotism, or because they actually think getting shot at for Burger King wages is a good career path, that's truly stupid.

Yes, I think Kerry really said that: If you don't get an education, then the only job you'll be able to find is signing up with one of those recruiters who are desperately trying to fill their monthly quotas. I also think Kerry is wrong in trying to correct what he said. I've never liked that asstard.

A man should have the guts to stand by his convictions.